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Our Trade Credit Insurance Services include:
  • Short-Term Trade Credit insurance
  • Medium-Term Trade Credit Insurance
  • Optional Coverages
What is Trade Credit Insurance?
Trade credit insurance covers the risk of Non-Payment resulting from your domestic or foreign buyers’ insolvency, protracted default (credit risk), or political events in the foreign buyer’s country (political risk).
In addition to short-term and medium-term coverages, we also provide extended options covering your pre-shipment (work-in-progress) risk and your advance payment risk.
Our Credit & Political Risk Solution for Financial Institutions include:
  • Trade Financing Credit Insurance
  • Bank Loan Credit Insurance
  • Political Risk Insurance for Bank loan
Why do Financial Institutions also need credit insurance?
Credit insurance not only enhances a bank’s capacity to secure participation in large international syndications, but also reinforces the control and diversification of a bank’s risk exposure. In addition, utilizing the capacity of highly-rated credit insurance also helps to reduce the risk weighting of specific financing cases and improve the return on risk-weighted assets
Project credit insurance can be applied to:
  • Construction Project of Production Plant/Line
  • Green Power Plant/Facility Project
  • Infrastructure Construction Project
  • Other Tailor-Made Projects
What is Project Credit Insurance?
For project-base transaction, our “project credit risk” solutions can tailor the insurance package to specifically cover the credit and political risks borne by the project’s owner, contractor, or financiers.
Our Credit Risk Management Services Include:
  • International Business Credit Reporting Service
  • Referral Service for International Debt Collection
  • Credit Risk Management Training Service
Our Comprehensive Credit Risk Management Services
In addition to our full range of credit insurance solutions, we also provide the credit risk related services to improve your comprehensive credit risk management, including the risk prevention services (i.e. credit reporting service and internal training of credit risk management) and the loss-mitigation service (i.e. referral service for international debt collection).
From Risk Perspective,
Credit Insurance Can Help You:

Understand the risk quality of your buyers

Prevent you from the impact of the buyer's non-payment

Protect your current asset and liquidity

From Business Perspective,
Credit Insurance Can Help You:

Enhance your sales competitiveness and opportunities

Support your business expansion into emerging markets

Drive business growth and increase revenue

From Liquidity Perspective,
Credit Insurance Can Help You:

Stabilize the company's cash flow

Reduce your bad debt provision amount

Facilitate the A/R financing and improve your working capital

Why Astra Specialty?
When it comes to managing credit risk, Astra is recognized as the most professional partner for corporate clients, bank clients, and credit insurers.

Profound Experience and Expertise: Our profound experience and expertise are the cornerstones of being the best credit insurance consultant for clients.

Entrepreneurial Spirit of Service: As an entrepreneur, we have more understanding of the clients’ business and financial needs, and provide our best service to the clients accordingly.

Value-Added Services: Based on the client's industry practice, we can also provide the internal training of credit risk management, to embed the concept of credit risk into client’s daily business operation.

Global Network: As a member of “Astreos Credit” global network, we are connected to the latest updates of the international insurance markets and can also provide our clients the local service around the world.