General Manager
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General Manager

Kevin Chou: General Manager
Our General Manager, Kevin Chou, is a “credit risk” professional with well-known reputation in the market. With >20 years experience of credit risk related services, including the debt collection, credit checking, credit insurance broker, and credit insurer, Kevin and his team has gained recognition for their efforts in serving clients’ best interests.
During the period of being the senior manager at the international broker and reinsurer firms, Kevin has profound experience in handling numerous credit insurance structures, including whole turnover policies, named buyer policies, single buyer policies, medium-term credit & political risk policies, trade financing policy for banks, and regional/global programs…etc.
Kevin is always grateful for client’s recognition: “Thanks for many of our clients’ trust and support, with that we keep growing and shaping into a strong team. With > 20 years of experiences and expertise, we will be continuously dedicated to serving Taiwanese companies and banks and to turning the risks into clients’ success!”