Sector Applications
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Sector Applications

Financial Institutes
Banks and Financial Institutions have become one of the largest purchasers of Credit and Political Risk Insurances in recent years. The flexible bespoke policy wordings offer benefits to the Financial Institutions of all sizes in the following 3 areas:
  • Increase your lending capacity by using insurances to break through the internal risk exposure constraints on either Obligor, Counterparty, or Country.
  • Protect your competitive advantage by using insurances, no need t invite your peers (i.e. competitor) for risk participation.
  • Protect your securities of overseas loans.
  • Support your Basel III compliance.

As a distributor or a trader, you are dealing with all kinds of buyers around the world, and it has become a real challenge for you to manage the non-payment risk of buyers from different markets and jurisdictions.
To help you focus on developing business, you need our “Trade Credit Solutions” to help you manage the credit risk, including the credit checking, A/R collection, and credit insurance.
As a Manufacturer, you keep looking for the strategic locations of your production sites around the world, in order to minimize your production cost and to access to the markets with higher growth potential. However, many of these locations are in the politically unstable countries, where your assets are exposed to the Political Risks, like war or riot, intervention by government, business license being withdrawn, your plant and equipment being confiscated, and company profit dividends being expatriated…etc. To manage the loss from these political events, you need our “Political Risk Solutions“.
Meanwhile, in order to ensure your effort on production eventually be paid off, you will also need our “Trade Credit Solution” to protect your Account Receivables from the non-payment risks of your buyers.
As an owner of a SME business, you may be frustrated with the situation that the company’s credit risks are not properly covered or serviced by either your insurer or your broker. Astra has the Trade Credit Solution specifically fits the need of SME. Astra is dedicated to be your long-term partner and grow together with you.
As a Contractors/EPC, you are having more and more opportunities of the infrastructure constructions or utility projects, but you also need to deal with the Public Counterparties of the host countries (e.g. governments, quasi governmental organizations, or SOE). So, any political event can easily impact the project. Besides, the tenor of the projects are likely to be very long, ranging from 3 years to 7 years or so.
You are really putting your business at risk with very limited recovery chance if something goes wrong. You will need our “Structured Credit Solution” which is tailor-made and a combination of credit and political risk coverage specifically fit your project. (Our coverage tenor can be up to 7 years normally, and be extended in exceptional cases)
As an investor, you have multiple investment strategies in overseas market. However, the political violence, contract frustration (financial and otherwise), or the capricious actions of governments may hinder you from a successful investment. For listed companies and institutional investors, the importance of a proper risk management is even higher.
Our “Political Risk Solution” is there to minimize the uncertainty of political event against your investment in foreign countries and also help to release your pressure from these political risks.