Credit Risk Management Services
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Credit Risk Management Services

International Business Credit Reporting Service
Buyer credit checking is arguably the key part of credit risk management. Our credit report is generated by the local professional credit agency, providing an insight of your buyer’s credit risk.
Exclusive Offer:

Our business credit report is provided at the member price. Simply enjoy our exclusive offers without the pressure of signing up for membership.

Easy process:

Order the report when you need it without committing to a subscription plan up front.

Quick response:

Our report applies with priority delivery (i.e. 6 to 10 working days), to help you timely control the buyer’s credit risk.

Rich Content:

Substantial financial information and Industry Benchmark are available for China Report.

Site-Visit Report:

Our exclusive ``Site-Visit Report`` features site photos by local agent after the visit, which helps to reduce your travel cost and personal safety risk.

Referral Service for International Debt Collection
During the process of chasing overdue payment, you may feel the intensity of collection efforts is beyond your control when it comes to dealing with overseas debtors. Our referral service can refer you to an international professional collection agency with local presence, where these trained professionals know the skills to recover your money while remaining compliant with the local law. Your pressure of conducting local collection can be relieved and your odds of collecting delinquent debts are also increased significantly.
Credit Risk Management Training Service
The best risk management is “Nip it in the bud “. However, most of the front-line sales colleagues are still lack of credit risk awareness, which may cause the company’s huge bad debt loss. To this end, we can provide you the credit risk training services. Based on the various actual cases, we have developed a set of credit risk management training course. This course not only focuses on the internal credit risk management concept and mechanism, but also takes into account the credit risk which your sales may encounter during the daily business practice, so that the chance of unexpected credit loss will be effectively prevented and reduced before the occurrence.