Trade Credit Insurance Solutions
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Trade Credit Insurance Solutions

What is Trade Credit Insurance?
Trade credit insurance covers the loss from your domestic and foreign buyers’ non-payment due to insolvency and protracted default (Credit Risk) or the political events in your foreign buyers’ countries (Political Risks).
How does Trae Credit Insurance works?
Our Trade Credit Insurance Solutions

Short-Term Trade Credit Insurance

Our solution protects your most important current asset — Account Receivable in a cost-effective way, as well as ensure you a stable cash flow.

Mid-Term Trade Credit Insurance

The longer payment term is, the greater risk you are exposed to. Our solution protects your mid-term Accounts Receivables (i.e. the installment ranging from 6 months to 36 months) arising from the sale of capital goods, such as machineries and equipment. So, you will be more confident to extend payment term to win new business, and it will also help your business access financing easily and to achieve your long-term business growth.

Optional Coverages

Pre-Shipment Risk/ Work-In-Progress Risk Coverage

In the case that your production has to be stopped because an credit risk occurs, either the buyer is insolvent or default, those unshipped and work-in-progress goods will also be the potential losses that you need to bear. Our WIP Coverage is optional at your choice, which protects you against the credit risk of your work-in-progress or unshipped goods.

Non-Shipment Risk / Advance Payment Protection

If you made an advanced prepayment on ordered goods or services, are you concerned about the chance that your supplier fails to fulfill the delivery owning to bankruptcy and consequently your advance payment wouldn’t be returned? The Advance Payment Protection will be your best protection against Prepayment Risk.